Bear Pear
Bear pear
Name Bear Pear
Type Mammal
Diet Carnivore
Behavior Hostile/Cautious

Bear Pears are small, pear-sized bears that have long, striped tails which they use to hang upside down while sleeping. Their shape and coloration serves to camouflage them from predators such as turkeyfish and macawnivores by giving them the appearance of a fruit. However, this attribute makes them susceptible to being accidentally bitten by browsing herbivores. To defend themselves, they make an eerie ringing sound and bare enormous fangs to intimidate threatening creatures.

A family group of bear pears is seen briefly in the movie when Thunk brushes against them. They watch him from behind, baring their fangs, but quickly turn around when he looks. Thinking that they are just pears, he keeps walking as a single baby bear pear keeps watching.