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Fish Cat
IMG 2526
Name Fish Cat (Felinus pisceatus)
Type Mammal/Fish
Diet Carnivore
Behavior Docile

Fish Cats are creatures with the body of a fish and the head, four legs and whiskers of a cat. It was cut from the final version of the movie, but it was still featured in concept art and the video game.

Official Bio

With the body of a fish and four legs of a cat, the fish cat was able to pounce from the water to land with ease. Its flippered feet and sharp fangs made it a good hunter that would stalk its prey around rivers, frequently catching them by suprise.


Fish Cats stalk their prey and frequently catch smaller animals by the water's edge.


The fish cat was able to pounce from the water and land with ease. It's flipper feet and sharp fangs make them efficient hunters.


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