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Name Macawnivore (Felinus-kaleido mega-cranium)
Type Mammal
Diet Carnivore
Behavior Hostile/Tamable

Macawnivore are large Tiger-like Machairodont predators with colorful fur and a fierce disposition.


Macawnivore have colorful fur matching the plumage of a blue and gold macaw, a pair of large tusks/canines poking out of the mouth, and a rather large head compared to the rest of the body. Unlike most Machairodonts, the Macawnivore has a longer tail, which is common in modern day cats such as Tigers, Leopards and Lions.

In the Movie

For most of the story, a Macawnivore named Chunky is a predator and threat to the Croods (mostly towards Grug for he hit him a few times with his stilts). But when he finds himself alone in the dark with Grug, he nuzzles up to him for comfort out of fear of the darkness and being alone.

Working together, Grug and the Macawnivore create a lift that is held up by the Piranhakeet flock and (while picking up a few extra passengers) they make it to the other side, reuniting with the rest of the Croods.

Macawnivore, along with the other animals Grug rescued, are accepted into the family, Macawnivore happily nuzzling Grug as it "turns out he's a cat person".

Known Individual


  • The promos and moviemakers call the Macawnivore "Chunky", although Gran also called him Chunky "the death cat".
  • Chunky was incorrectly thought to be the movie's main antagonist before the movie's release.
  • Chunky's roar sounds similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic Park. Though his growls are very Ogre-like.
  • Many people originally thought this was going to be a Sabre-toothed cat


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