The-Croods (Family)

Crood Family

The Croods are the stars and titular family of The Croods

The Croods are the last known family of cavemen, due to all their neighbors getting killed by predators, environmental hazards, or illnesses. As such, their leader, Grug, is very protective of his family, cautioning them to believe:

  • To never not be afraid
  • That new things and curiosity are bad
  • To never leave the Cave without Grug's permission

Eventually, the world would force this family to change their ways in order to survive. The Croods would have to open up to the outside world and what it has to offer to them.

Founding Members

  • Grug - Patriarch of the Family
  • Eep - Grug and Ugga's Oldest Child, Thunk and Sandy's big sister
  • Ugga - Matriarch of the Family, Grug's wife, Gran's daughter, Eep, Thunk, and Sandy's mother
  • Thunk - Grug and Ugga's only son, Eep and Sandy's brother
  • Gran - Eldest member of the Family, Ugga's mother, Grug's mother-in-law, and grandmother to their children
  • Sandy - Youngest member of the Family, Grug and Ugga's youngest child, Eep and Thunk's baby sister, the family's secret weapon

New/Adopted Members