Guy: I’m calling it... THE END! Belt: DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!

—Guy and Belt tell Eep about The End.

The End

The End

The End was a major cataclysmic event during the Croodaceous Era where countless earthquakes and volcanic eruptions destroyed and/or altered much of the world's geography likely due to major tectonic shifts. The event was given the name "The End" by Guy who truly believed it would bring about the end of the world. The End is the driving force of the story in The Croods and can be considered the film's "main antagonist".

In the Movie

The End was first spoken of by Guy who told Eep Crood that the earthquakes and volcanoes would eventually destroy all. The End caused the destruction of the Croods' cave at the beginning of the film, setting the events of the story in motion. Throughout the story, forests, valleys, mountains, oceans and animals are all slowly destroyed as The End of the World nears, leaving only death and destruction across the land.

By the film's end, the Croods, Guy, Belt, and several other creatures manage to avoid The End and escape to Tomorrow, a seaside continent on the other side of the mountain. By the time they reach it, it appears The End has ended.